Nutrition of the Skin

Our lives are very complex these days, stressful, demanding, using the wrong skin care, eating the wrong things. If you have a client with rashy OR breakout OR Acne OR Rosacea skin conditions actually even dry skin then nutrition is the answer to get 100% results and fast!Knowing how to assess the underlying causes and understanding the hormonal and neurological influences in the skin. The inflammatory cascade in the skin are core elements to this course. We consider in full the treatment approaches for these conditions with a view to their safe and effective management.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to skin conditions and examinations
  • Skin Analysis
  • Nutritional Consultation form discussed in detail/Outcome
  • Lunch
  • Identifying the conditions with sections of the skin
  • Knowledge of Vitamin & Minerals
  • Food management
  • Foods that can cause allergies
  • Nutritional Plan/ Treatment Plan
  • Recap
  • Exam


CIDESCO/CIBTEC NVQ Level 3/ ITEC in Beauty/Nurse/ Clinicians is required

Course Cost: €250

Duration: 10am-4pm