Make-up & Tan

At Saffron Rouge like with our skin care we researched and went on the hunt for the best make-up and tan to date. I went back to good old reliable SBC and MUD (Kim Kardashian’s favorite) cosmetics we use SMASHBOX eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses. For a special occasion, it is important to get a natural look, foundations to match skin tones and tans but with good coverage but it has to be long lasting. Our foundations are non perfumed they allow the skin to breath over a 24hr period there not heavy on the skin and the other huge benefit is it does not clog the skin or cause any health problems like air brushing systems do.

  1. Make-Up


    We use Smashbox and Florma Make-up, (not tested on animals)

  2. Make-up with lashes


    We use high quality make-up and lashes (Lashes you can re-use)

  3. Bridial Make-up

    From €30.00

    Discuss your Make-up for your big day

Tan tastic body

In April 2014 we researched Bebold, HeShi,  St. Tropez, Academi, Fake bake, We have many skin tones and Tans come in either Light to Medium or Medium to Dark not all tan accustom naturally to that skin tone therefore I found these tans had an orangy hue to the 5 people i used it on. I certainly do not want that for our clients. Therefore the winner was CRAZY ANGEL good old reliable yet again suitable for all my clients and the bonus was it matches our foundation.

So the other issue I have is clients with very dry skin the typical Irish skin has folliculitis also. We also have the clients who do not exfoliate properly. We have tan’s to suit theses conditions so that it looks normal as opposed to patchy as it has more moisturisering properties in it and then spray tans.

  1. 1/2 Body


    We use Crazy Angel and Catwalk HQ

  2. Full Body


    extra €10.00 for Double Spray

  3. Full Body Scrub with Tan Spray/Application


Crazy angel tan is safe to use during pregnancy as it contains no parabens or mineral oils. NB: If you have had reactions to tans before please feel free to have a patch test FREE