1. Silk Lashes


    These lashes are just fabulous that lasts up to 2-4 weeks
    (They do not last longer than this because the life of a hair 30 days) we have a variety of lengths to suit everyone.
    They are designed to give an instant shine and give length too for a flattering look. €3 per lash

  2. Full Strip Lashes

    €10.00 – On their Own.

    €5.00 with a Makeup Application

  3. 3D Lashes

    35.00 – For a half Set

    €55 for a Full Set.

    These will give a serious lift to the eye

  4. Eye Lash Perming


    Have you long, straight Lashes? If so then this will make you happy a treatment that will curl those lashes for up to 3 months