Manual Microdermabrasion – A powerful 120 Grit Diamond crystal.

This is another super treatment to add to your treatment menu in a salon/Medi spa environment. This super treatment to even compliment your Glycolic Acid treatments for ultimate results on the most complex skin types. I.e.-Scarring/ Hyperpigmentation and deep furrowed lines.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Microdermbrasion why this treatment?
  • Skin Analysis with lamp & UV Lamp
  • Contraindications and Indications to treatmens
  • tSkin care used in the treatment how to sell them
  • Demonstration
  • Lunch
  • Supervised Treatment (Students need a model)
  • Recap
  • Exam

Pre-Course Requirements

Minimum of 2yrs+Therapist Doctor OR Nurse.

Course Cost: €350 practitioner. €100 with Opening Order

Duration: 1 Day

Times: 10am-5pm

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