Male Grooming

You have skin too so look after it?

Times have changed finally where treatments were only for women.

We are delighted to see men coming through our doors at Saffron Rouge looking for advice on their skin.

So whether you have a skin condition(s) or excess hair on your shoulders or back. Or are you having continuous breakout or a rash after shaving, we have the solution for you.

You are welcome to meet us to discuss your treatment options, Please read on.

Advanced Skin Treatments

  1. Glycolic Acid Peels- GlySkin Care


    Fantastic results are achieved with this unique skin peeling system. Individually tailored treatments are used to help resolve a number of different skin complaints. Which make an immediate and long lasting difference to skin health!

  2. Skin resurfacing Micropeel


    Have you had too much sun OR do you spend a lot of time out side. The unique treatment formulations will dissolve and fix damaged cells and renew the skin, instantly

  3. Diamond Dust Facial


    A deep skin exfoliation treatment to resurface and give an instant plumpness freshness to the skin.

  4. Anti-Redness Facial Treatment


    GlySkin Care formulation of treatment dissolves the redness and redveins within one treatment.

    LED Blue light is combined with this treatment to calm the skin further.

    These Advanced treatments- treat over 30 skin conditions confidentially.

    Effective for the following:-Acne-Rosacea 5 Types-Scarring-Age Management-Furrowed Wrinkles- Wrinkles (when you think it’s too late)-Acne -Acne Rosacea-Post Acne Scarring-Eczema Dry-Psoriasis-Seborrhoea Keratosis –Hyperkeratosis-Sun Damage -Pigmentation

Relaxing Facial Treatments

  1. Hot lime decongestant facial

    €75.00 – 1 Hour

    Experience deep pore cleansing treatment removes deep and surfaced grime your skin will take on a clean, fresh appearance. Steam cleaning treatment removes deep surfaced grime & impurities, using aha’s that mildly exfoliate the skin gently & natural earth clay for deep pore cleaning.

  2. Aha Facial treatment

    €75.00 – 1 Hour

    Designed to help skin that is red or if you suffer with breakout of the skin, even discoloration of the skin. The glycolic solution works it’s away down deep into the skin to dissolve and remove impurities, to bring the skin back to normal. Simple.

  3. Chamomile Sooth & clear facial treatment

    €65.00 – 1 hour

    For the sensitive skin client, Irritated red, blotchy skin conditions especially after shaving, this anti-inflammatory facial will calm soothe with calamine & kaolin making the skin feels comfortable when feeling tight.

NB: Guys please shave the night before having your facial treatment…

  • Weight Management
  • Facial Grooming i.e. Nasal Hair €10
  • Eye brow shaping
  • Shoulder Waxing €20
  • Back or Chest Waxing from €35 max cost €55 for each treatment

For Fitness and Weight/ Food Management Advice  Emmet Ray from EJ Ray Fitness -Ballymahon. With proven results EJ RayFitness email Emmet- OR

  • Personal training
  • Spin Class
  • HIIT Class training
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Pilates
  • Circuit Training Classes

Oh! Yes, we cannot forget about you guys you too need to look good everyday & your big day. Call us today for more information