Elementary Dermatology Skin Training

Wanting a Career in the Aesthetics world? Start with this course. Are you Make-up artist or Beautician, Clinician? This course will make you understand the skin and its function in detail and its conditions and how to manage. These conditions for the next stage of Advanced treatment and skin care. As the market is flooded with skin care Lines, yes, it is difficult to know what works and does not work, let us properly educate you on the. Right treatments and products available to you

Course Content:

  • The knowledge of the Cell
  • The knowledge of the Skin
  • Understand Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Diagnose skin conditions
  • Repair mechanisms of the skin
  • The Physiology of Ageing
  • Theories of Ageing
  • Causes and effects of degenerative disorders
  • Advanced client consultation techniques
  • In-depth look at active ingredients and Cosmeceuticals
  • Determine and recommend appropriate treatment
  • Introduction to Skin care
  • Exam

Course Cost: €495

Duration: 2 Days

Times: 10am to 5pm

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